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A high quality diet is essential for any dog’s health and well-being.

There are six essential components to a dog’s diet; water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Whilst most pet foods contain these ingredients, it is their quality and ratios that makes all the difference, and can make all the difference in avoiding illness and disease through all life stages.

This is where Kennelpak can make a difference as we know pets and we know pet food.

Supported by Collards Dog eating from bowl
  • 50% Off Collards Dog Food for the next 12 months
  • Complimentary Welcome Packs for every dog that is rehomed – promoting that new dog owners would also be entitled to a preferential discount through our rescue subscription & save scheme, rewarding customers rescuing a dog
  • On-going brand credit – every time a bag is purchased online or instore by the new dog owner This is really what helps set us apart, as your rescue centre receives credit tracked to their rescue account for all bags purchased. This credit in-turn can then be used to fund the monthly food bill with the aim for the rescue to become self-funding through the brand
  • 2kg bag of Collards hand over food (size is flavour dependent)
  • Life stage appropriate treat and toy
  • Nutritional leaflet on Collards
  • Vouchers to spend on grooming, training and products (in our stores and online)
  • Age appropriate training guide for the new owner

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To register, please click the button below and fill in the registration form. For any further information on the Rescue Support Scheme, please email Zoe Claxton, UK Rescue Support Manager at [email protected]

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Who are Kennelpak?

Who are Kennelpak? Kennelpak was founded in 1974 as a wholesale supplier of own brand and third party branded pet food and associated pet products.

Kennelpak also has its own retail chain of stores, Kennelgate, which is currently going through a re-brand transition into Pets & Friends. All of our stores offer unique pet services; puppy training classes, pet grooming and self-service dog washing facilities.

The business is headquartered in Nottingham, England and the company employees over 400 staff.

I joined the Kennelpak business over three years ago. My background is a mixture of retail, pet management, rescue and rehabilitation work, professional groomer and dog trainer, as well as a keen canine nutritionist with a wealth of experience in all things pet.

Finally, I find myself in the perfect role where I can absolutely feed my number one passion through assisting rescue centres to feed the best nutrition with a rewarding scheme.

As the UK Rescue Support Manager, I absolutely know together we can make a difference in ensuring dogs live happy healthy lives.

UK Rescue Support Manager


Why feed Collards?

Collards is a complete balanced dog food packed full of quality ingredients.

Our recipes have been created very carefully so that you can feed your dog a delicious, nutritious and healthy meal.

Our products are made using hypo-allergenic principles by restricting protein sources. We only ever use a single meat or fish source in our recipes and we refuse to use common bulking agents such as wheat and wheat derivatives which are known to have the potential to cause allergies.


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